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P R O T O G E N E S I S , the title of this work, can be taken to mean “before the origin/creation.” It can also be taken to mean a trial or first attempt at genesis.

 / “Pangenesis,” the first of the two bookending poems in this collection posits that all things have the power to pass themselves on. While “Agenesis,” the second, posits that deformation and depredation are fundamental sources of original characteristics in the evolution of life.

  / Thus organic genesis through the evolution of form out of a veritable chaos is the overarching theme of this chapbook of original poems and accompanying art and photography.

Sequoia House Chapbook No. 3


7 x 8.5”



  • An introductory essay
  • 5 color photographs, 2 color illustrations, 2 black & white illustrations
  • Cover printed on cold-pressed, cotton rag
  • Text printed on semi-gloss, FSC-certified, archival quality paper
  • Saddle stitched with blue spiral Hemptique string
  • Handmade
  • Individually signed and numbered



The exact signed and numbered copy you receive may be different than that pictured above.

Sequoia House

Sequoia House is a small publisher, as well as a seller of collectible books and art. In both respects, its mission is to help keep culture alive.