Sequoia House Chapbook Prize Deadline

I just wanted to remind people that the official deadline for the Sequoia House Chapbook Prize is coming up June 1. However, the deadline has been extended to June 9 for those who need extra time. I encourage anybody who has something they have been thinking of submitting to take this chance to do so. Here are the full guidelines.

Reading at the Writers’ Ruckus

I’ll be reading this coming Thursday (April 20, 2017) at the Writers’ Ruckus at the College of San Mateo. It starts at 2:00 p.m. and is in the Bayview Dining Room in Building 10. Come if you can!

I might also do a plug for the Sequoia House Chapbook Prize and have a few chapbooks to sell.

Wish us all luck!

Mission mission


I spent a wonderful day in San Francisco last weekend, primarily going to various places in the Mission. I stopped by Owl Cave Books. They’re located on a block set aside for “Art, Hobby & Business,” as the modern metallic sign above the row of shops says. While I browsed Owl Cave’s assortment of international small press publications, my significant other spied on the cats in a cat inn next door. Diversions for all! And as always, I dropped off some flyers for the Sequoia House Chapbook Prize at Owl Cave, evangelized them on the project, learned more about their history and their rather ambitious work. Continue reading

Flyers at Flax


I dropped off a stack of flyers for the Sequoia House Chapbook Prize at Flax Art & Design in San Mateo. Maybe some of you are familiar with the voluminous Flax store in San Francisco. A little over a year ago I was pleased to see them bring some of their helpful know-how and well-honed selection of art supplies down to the Peninsula. Whenever I’m trying to solve some materials problem they always have expert advice to bring to bear. I’m sure that when it comes time to design the Sequoia House Chapbook Prize winning chapbook I will turn to them once more.

(The above picture is taken from

Kicking Off the 2017 Sequoia House Chapbook Prize Contest


Last Tuesday we launched the 2017 Sequoia House Chapbook Prize at The Shop at Flywheel Press’s Literally event. The event, held, I believe, roughly each month, had a featured reader, Alex Peterson, who read some of his short fiction, and an open mic for others to present work. I would like to offer my gratitude to all the other readers and speakers. Continue reading

Announcing the Opening of the 2017 Sequoia House Chapbook Prize





The 2017 Sequoia House Chapbook Prize is now open for submissions!

Continue reading