sh-header-enhanced-and-adjustedSequoia House is a small publisher located in the San Francisco Bay Area. When possible, we prefer to refer to ourselves as a “publisher” rather than a “press,” as we are interested in all senses of publication—“publication” being from the Latin verb publicare and meaning simply “to make public.” Thus we are interested in publishing objects of beauty, as well as publicizing a person or an issue; similarly, we are interested in publishing electronically in the ever-expanding variety of new media now available to us, as well as publishing good old-fashioned (though always freshly designed) printed matter. Indeed, we are lovers of all things print. That is what has gotten us started on this and so many other journeys.

We look at culture as something that matters to the thriving of the public. In short, our mission is to play an active part in keeping culture alive.

Sequoia House is run, with a little help from his friends, by Justin Alley.

Sequoia House takes its name from the house Justin grew up in. It is also, of course, an homage to one of the titans of existence, the Sequoia sempervirens. Together, the two ideas conjure for us the image of a tree house hideaway ensconced high up in the branches of a sequoia. A place of sanctuary and dreaming.

To become involved with us, you can contact us at:

Our first initiative is the Sequoia House Chapbook Prize, which you can read more about here.

Sequoia House