“Aleppo under snow” Reading and Broadside

The above is a video of Justin Alley reading his poem, “Aleppo under snow,” at the 2017 Writers’ Ruckus. You can find out more about Justin Alley here.

Moreover, Sequoia House is offering for purchase a signed and numbered limited edition broadside of “Aleppo under snow.” Proceeds will go to Save the Children’s Syrian Children’s Relief Fund, which directly helps children and families in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria.


  • A visually and typographically innovative poem that at first sight looks like the full-justified prose of newspaper columns but is actually a precisely lineated poem, the typographical “rivers” or white spaces between words being artificially swollen
  • Color print
  • Printed on 12 x 18″ archival quality moonstone sheets
  • Individually signed and numbered
  • Edition of 50


Sequoia House

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